White Background Images
High-quality isolated objects that are easy to use
and nice to look at. Great decision for a hard situation!
White is the new black
Isolated objects are the most well known form of stock photography. And we create the best of it. No frills and lavish decorations, just pure emotions against snow white background.

We were always good at portrait and lifestyle shooting. So good, that we can embed a story even into a blank background! That's why our models' emotions look so natural. Make no doubt, our collection has the right image to express any idea that you need.
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What we do
We create high-quality images with isolated objects. It is a universal and simple tool for all sorts of business tasks. You can always integrate isolated objects into any visual environment without wasting precious time. For example, our collection includes sets that can be used in mobile VR-applications for visual guidance or as a part of an event landing page. And the list can just go on.
Stock photography production
There are more than 5,000 isolated objects in our library. You will definitely find a relevant image for every situation.

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Our team
Pavel Lahtachev
Art Director
Konstantin Rassokhin
Renata Hamitova
Elena Malomyzheva
Julia Machalova
for any question or cooperation.