Everypixel house in figures
14 years

in business

creative pros
4 500

450 kg

of pro gear
240 000

stock images
35 000

footage clips
1 500

audio tracks

motion files
Our brands

Our story
Our production studio was one of the first contributors on the emerging microstock market. For the last 14 years, we have uploaded more than 250 000 pieces of content to the most well-known stock content agencies.
Our first brand Pressmaster was established and has started contributing images to a few stock photo agencies.
Pressmaster successfully broke into Shutterstock's top-5 contributors. Just three years after the launch.
In 2011 we decided to start a new product and tackle the rising demand for video footage. It wasn't that easy but eventually we have got together the best video production team which entered the market as Pressmaster Video.
The eastern market always seemed a really astonishing place for us. That's why we started Dragon Images - our new production studio located in Vietnam. Today Dragon Images is one of the most well-known brands of our company on the far eastern market.
The expansion continues! We've launched two new studios during one and the same year. The first team was based in St. Petersburg, the most European city of Russia. The second team named Clique, was located in our home city. Its mission from day one was to create first-class authentic photos for the premium clients.
In 2017, we entered into two new areas of stock content production. Our team was enriched by visualizers and musicians - this is how Pressmaster Motion and Pressmaster Audio have emerged as part of the Everypixel family.
Today Everypixel Production House is one of the leaders of the stock content industry. Millions of people and companies all over the world use our content on a daily basis. Many of our customers order exclusive materials. There is a great chance that you have met our shots on billboards, saw stories in commercials, heard our background music in videos on Youtube. And we keep rocking the world of stock content!
" We are always looking forward to new opportunities. This is exactly how Everypixel came to be what it is today. We are always ready to take a new challenge and accomplish the most demanding artistic tasks. This is the key creative credo of ours. This is something that helps us create innovative products and keep our clients and partners happy. "

Dmitriy Shironosov,
Founder of Everypixel Group