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Pressmaster Production Studio was founded in 2007. It was the time when there were few similar microstock production studios in the world, and we were the only one in Russia. Our strategy from day one was to produce wholesome imagery for the market regardless of the costs. We could have resort to an easier approach like many of our peers did at the time, but we haven't. Thankfully this bet was the right thing to do and soon we joined the ranks of the top image contributors in the market. Since then we stick to our principles and do our best to produce high-class stock photography.
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What we do
We produce affordable high-class commercial photography for businesses. We handle the whole production cycle from pre-production to post-production to distribution. We take care of the equipment, locations, model casting and many other things the end customer may not even know about. All in the sake of the good quality.
Stock photography production
Pressmaster portfolio consists of 120,000 photographs that are used in the promotional materials all over the world.

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Custom photography services
We are always happy to help companies find visual solutions of their own.
Our team implements the full-service principle: production, scene selection,
model casting, technical support, and post-production of any complexity.
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