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We see the world in all its diversity and show it to your viewers. Yes, this is the largest collection of stock footage you have ever seen!
Footage that makes every video better

Our videos reflect the world as it is. We visit a real hospital to film the birth of a child, and we fly to Bali to capture a sunset over the ocean. Pressmaster Footage has a network of teams all over the world, that's why we can be everywhere and can do anything.

We are trying to make our portfolio as diverse as possible. It won't be complicated to find the right footage if you need landscape shots for the epic movie or a dancing businessmen for a music video. That is only about 0.1% of all the topics our collection holds.
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What we do
Everyone needs a stock footage now and then and Pressmaster Footage is ready to help. We know what is relevant now and what will be trendy in the future. We use this knowledge to make the world in general and your content, in particular, a little bit more beautiful.
Stock video production

We have a huge collection of more than 34,000 footage clips. If you add together all our videos it will be about 80 full-length films.

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Custom video services
You can order a custom shooting from us. Depending on your idea and tasks, we can shoot an authentic winter in the Urals (Russia), picturesque beaches of Nha Trang (Vietnam) or urban jungles in Miami (USA). It will be way faster and easier than to engage your own film crew.
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