Dragon Images
World-class production studio based in Vietnam that creates
catchy photographs with an Asian flavor
Photography is the most international way of communication
Dragon Images is an international team of highly qualified professionals. We always take into account the cultural characteristics of the heroes of shooting. Thus, our content buyers are confident in purchasing our images.

Over the 6 years of our existence, we have learned how to shoot equally good photos of various genres: portrait, still life, lifestyle, interiors, etc. We have created a huge cross-cultural base of models and a base of locations which is unlike any other company's. Due to our accumulated resources, our team is able to embody any client's idea!
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What we do
Dragon Images implements the full-service principle: production, location scouting and selecting, model casting, technical support, and postproduction of any complexity. The Dragon's spirit is ever-present in everything we do!
Stock photography production
We started in 2012 as a contributor to stock photo agencies. Since then we have contributed 50,000 images that have been used for commercial purposes all over the world. You could find them in magazine spreads or street billboards.

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Custom photography services
We create high-quality photos and videos that successfully solve client problems and make communication with customers more effective. Our production studio will take on all stages of the production process: from model casting to post-production. You do not have to contact a multitude of contractors to produce amazing ads. In Dragon Images, you will communicate with only one person — your account manager.
Our team
Denis Sorokin
Art Director
Do Kim Tien
Huynh Thi Dieu Hien
Nguyen Minh Cuong
Phan Anh Tuan
Van Nhat Trieu
Shooting Assistant
for any question or cooperation.