Pressmaster Motion Graphics
We live in motion — we make the Motion.
Our visual effects turn every video into a cinema.
It's not enough just to tell a story nowadays. You need to show the story! That's why we've founded Pressmaster Motion Graphics.

We believe that graphics give more life to video. Clips become brighter and more attractive through the introduction of visual effects. And it's not just about extra decoration. Animation highlights your idea and adds depth to your story!
Showreel animation
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What we do
We don't just do fancy design - we are true motion graphics artists. Our team take ideas and transforms them into visual art. Thanks to that, our animation makes messages more visual and vivid. It's like an arrow of sense that targets thoughts of a viewer.
Motion graphics production

The Pressmaster Motion Graphics portfolio includes about 80 templates, 450 AR- and motion backgrounds.

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Showreel animation

Our team
Sergey Shurupov
Art Director
Semyon Evdokimov
Nikita Lobanov
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