Pressmaster Images
Our oldest and most well-known trademark. This is a real creative machine producing thousands of modern stock images per year.
Pressmaster Footage
Everyone needs a stock footage now and then and Pressmaster footage is ready to help. We offer a huge collection on a wide spectrum of topics.
Pressmaster Audio
Music is in our hearts and we want the whole world to know it. More than 1500 tracks for every possible need.

Pressmaster Motion Graphics
Motion graphics help communicate with the viewer, and add depth to the story. Our animation makes buyers messages more visual and clear on the one hand, and on the other more spectacular.
Dragon Images
–°utting-edge production studio based in Vietnam that creates catchy photography with an Asian flavor.

White Background Images
Beauty is in simplicity. Production studio takes images of people and objects on a white background.

Clique Images
An international production that focuses on taking authentic photographs for advertising. Cliques shots stand out from the prevalent visual background as they look genuine.
Production that shoots classic stock images that are great for solving business tasks